VITI-OENO CONSEIL handles various situations, traditional vineyards as well as vineyards with an industrial profile. VITI-OENO CONSEIL works with 6 cooperative wineries and more than 60 particular wineries amounting to almost 190 000 vinified hecto litres. VITI-OENO CONSEIL deals with more than 1300 hectares.

VITI-OENO CONSEIL proposes a permanent support during the season which may include:

  • Viticulture
  • Oenology
  • Strategic and managing services

More information about our philosophy and career in about us, and details about our services in our missions.


  • Technical and scientific expertise
  • Support, professionalism and formalism
  • Dynamism, innovation, flexibility
  • Transversal skills and adaptability
  • Training, exchanges and communication
  • Wide network of partners

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