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Our assets


  • An experienced winegrowing consultant, JMB is also a legal expert at the Montpellier Court of Appeal.*PC has a PhD in Ecology of winegrowing soils.
  • Wine consulting is developed for various situations, both for traditional vineyard, some of them being certified organic or biodynamic viticulture, and industrial vineyards using different pruning techniques and irrigation.
  • The oenologists of VITI-OENO CONSEIL have developed a great ability in developing a wide range of grape products with specific requirements: grape juice, mistelles, dry wines (red, rosé and white), sparkling wines, natural sweet wines (white, ambré, rosé, grenat, tuilé, and Muscat) madeirized wines (dry and sweet rancios), aromatised wine based drinks, vinegars.


  • Empowered by INAO and COFRAC, Rière Laboratory deals with more than 60 000 samples every year.It has performing equipment for usual analysis of musts and wines.
  • One of our first preoccupation is to provide consulting through a systematic approach, thus:
    -We have formalized the terms of our different services to work openly with our clients.
    - We provide a thorough account of what has been done.
    -Winemaking techniques, vinification sheets, input masks for vineyard traceability are available on this site.


  • We are particularly careful to the development of the markets.  With our clients, we regularly organise comparative blind tastings, or thematic tastings. Professional Wine Shows, tasting with buyers are also a way to evaluate the products and packaging.
  • Our different skills, personalities and scientific background offer a complementarity which stimulates our work.
  • Being curious and open-minded, we’ve developed an experience in French and foreign Mediterranean vineyards (plus China and South Africa).
  • An experimentation and development unit. The transposition of tests results need to be checked. We often test new products and new techniques on plots (phytosanitary products, interceps, biodynamic viticulture...) or new vats. Students are often collaborating to provide an appropriate and careful monitoring of large projects.
  • We often question our own consulting approach since we have to face more and more specific needs necessitating innovating techniques (mating disruption) and tools for advanced decisions (measures of the water stress of the vine with a pressure chamber, tests on vine shoots and petioles, study of the nematofauna of the soil...)


  • We speak English and Spanish. It allows us to work with foreign clients and keep up to date thanks to international science reviews.
  • Our transversal skills enable us to deal with important investment projects and to carry out technico-economical studies to examine the feasibility of:
    -conversion to organic agriculture
    -investment in equipment
    -traceability software
  • We also work on 3 vineyard estates on a global basis using strategic and managing services.


  • VITI-OENO CONSEIL is a training centre (registered under number 91660161166) which enables us to provide training in viticulture and oenology. Training is regularly provided to salesmen and students.


  • Graduated from Montpellier Sup Agro, we have special relationship with the teachers of the university, the scientists from INRA PechRouge and we take a special interest in some of their researches.
  • We regularly interact with AIVB-LR (Association of Organic wines in Languedoc Roussillon)
  • We also have special relationship with:
    -Famous merchants and marketers
    -Suppliers of the wine industry both for soil conditioners (Frayssinet..) and equipment ( Xambili..)
    - The most innovating suppliers of the oenology industry (Laffort…)

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