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The people

Jean-Michel BARCELO

Jean Michel barcelo, œnologue ingénieur agronome spécialisé en viticultureAfter 8 years of working in the Vallée du Rhône, where I led wine making and oenological actions thanks to my double training of oenologist and agronomical engineer specialized in wine growing (National College of agronomical engineering of Montpellier), I decided in 1998 to pursue my career in the Pyrénées Orientales, where from I'm native.

My serious knowledge of various vineyards around the Mediterranean Sea and all over the World was built on many visits, stays and missions (Italy, Tunisia, China...). Since 2012, I'm an expert witness accredited to the French courts ( Cour d'Appel of Montpellier).I wished, with VITI-OENO CONSEIL, to immortalize this knowledge, an outside look and a global expertise, associating the skill of the wine making consultant and the oenologist. Over the years, I constituted an important network, in particular of French and foreign scientists which allows to answer very specifics requests. I have chosen a simple name that clearly defines my work “VITI-OENO CONSEIL”

VITI-OENO CONSEIL entrusts analyses to the Riere laboratory.

Patrice COLL

Patrice Coll, ingénieur agronome (expert en viticulture, œnologie)Being born of a family of winegrowers, I rapidly turned to agronomy. (At the Institute of technology in bioengineering). Then, I graduated in agricultural engineer at Sup Agro in Montpellier specializing in viticulture – oenology. Being convinced that the terroir influences the quality of wines and being deeply concerned by sustainable development and respect of the environment, I decided to do a PhD on the biological functioning of soil.  I wanted to propose to wine professionals a tool based on the physical, chemical and biological factors of the quality of the soils.

My winegrower family background and love for working in the vineyard lead me to consulting. I have acquired a thorough knowledge about the three main components of wine: study of the soil, viticulture and oenology. This complementarity is an undeniable asset to support winegrowers and cooperative wineries.More than being of a technical aid- the quality of the product being an essential element- I truly believe that a consultant should also be able to assist the winemakers in sales strategies, define a consistent range of products and be discerning in the choice of packaging.

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