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Our services

A permanent support throughout the season.


  • advice to plan
  • precise monitoring of young vines
  • pruning
  • fertilisation plan
  • phytosanitary protection with diagnosis of illness, development of programmes to treat ,calibration of sprayers
  • determination of  treatment
  • Irrigation management
  • monitoring and distribution of plots
  • dates of harvests with grape tasting, organisation and planning of harvests.


  • preparation of harvests and process of vinification adapted to the selected products
  • tasting of the fermenting musts with current tests
  • analytical monitoring and quality control of the wines during wine making
  • wine blending*treating of wines
  • preparation of wines for marketing
  • certification of wines in case of trading
  • request for different specifications
  • checking of the wines conformity after bottling


  • products and production tool auditing (from the vineyard to the storehouse)
  • selection of profiles for a new range of wines
  • support to the creation of new packaging
  • development and monitoring of trade strategies
  • selection of a distribution network
  • support to recruiting strategies

Professionals specialized in every aspect of wine growing to wine producing who lead you to commercial success.